Ways To Manifest A Dream Job

I know all the different ways to manifest a dream job after having made many career transitions.

My recent Dream Job manifestation is a little unusual and it’s a fun tail I wanted to share to inspire you wherever you are in your career.

Watch this video for more insights.

We all have unrealised dreams and ambitions that we keep close to our hearts and even though you might be playing your cards close to your chest it doesn’t mean that your career ambitions disappear.

Most of my time these days is taken up with Soul readings and coaching highly conscious smart women in their careers and businesses. I love what I do but I had this dream of getting my little dog Darling on TV. I really wanted to share his sweet puppy nature with others and he does love the starlight!

When I got him the last thing on my mind was mapping out a career path for him but my intuition planted the seed in my mind of him being on TV. I wondered how I could manifest this, (it’s been years since I worked in Film & TV and have lost touch with most of my contacts.) I decided to trust that it would happen and kind of forgot about it.

Whilst doing some unrelated online research, I came across a request from a production company that was months old. They were producing a documentary on dogs for Sky TV charting the relationship and progress of wolves to dogs! It sounded amazing and even though it looked like they had wrapped production I reached out and made contact.

A couple of weeks later Darling, a good friend plus her gorgeous puppy and I were off to film for an afternoon. The production crew were extremely professional and it was fun but Darling didn’t play with the other pups so wasn’t filmed that much. They already had heaps of footage so I figured that he wouldn’t make the final cut! (Oh the drama of showbiz!) 

The documentary is called Dogs: An Amazing Animal Family and has just aired the first of a three part series – guess what!

Darling makes his debut

Darling’s BAFTA nomination is a long way off but he was included in the documentary that was aired last week! There are another two week’s to show so I’m keeping a look out for him.

It’s a beautifully shot documentary and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of it.

Manifest A Dream Job


Ways to Manifest A Dream Job

Here are the steps I used to manifest my dream and you can just as easily apply them to your own career dream and ambitions.

Step One – Listen to Your Intuition

Step Two – Check In & Believe Yourself

Step Three – Detach from the Outcome

Step Four – Notice opportunities 

Step Five – Follow up with action

Step Six – Detach from the outcome

Stay inspired about what you want to do and if I can create what seemed an unlikely outcome then believe that you can too in your career or business.

There are many ways to manifest a dream job and the above is straightforward breakdown of what I did that’s easy to follow and apply to any career ambition.

Decide where you are in you process and then follow the steps!

If you’re still feeling confused or a bit lost and think some intuitive coaching would help then contact me for a Discovery Session to discover how coaching can help your way forward.