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For healers, intuitives, coaches and yoga teachers seeking a nurturing space to retreat, grow and heal.

We Solve Real Problems That Spiritual Entrepreneurs Face

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You feel called to create wealth with purpose but ruminate over what to do next…

At the back of your mind you think maybe you need to get a ‘proper’ job. 

Your heartfelt ambition has lead to workaholic tendencies…

Determination can drive you into overwhelm and sabotage your manifesting flow.

Akashic Wealth Goddess

Connect with your Goddess
Learn about your Akashic

Manifesting Goddess

Learn how to manifest like a woman and enjoy life like a goddess!

Akashic Wealth Streaming

Train to become an Practitioner
Become an Energy Alchemist

Spirited Soulopreneur

A business intensive for coaches, healers and yoga teachers

Soulopreneur Society

A monthly club for busy light workers who need to take time out, rebalance recharge and realign.

Lightworker Learning

Further learning resources for Smart Spirited Women

Elaina Conneely

Akashic Wealth Streaming Creator & Soulopreneur





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