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Hello Beautiful Soul!

“Elaina read my soul as a way to identify the blocks in my life and the true nature of my soul - both things that have been passed through many iterations of my soul's existence. She talked me through my soul's true nature and what that means for me currently and in the future. This part has been invaluable to me as I look at leveraging my strengths and work on shoring up my areas that need improvement - I feel like I have a clearer path forward. I feel like Elaina knows me better than I do! When we were speaking my heart and soul felt a great peace as she spoke of my past and current lives. She would pause for questions and I really appreciated that because there was a lot of information to take in. She was very mindful of me in the process and was incredibly caring as she illuminated my soul. Elaina cleared the "drama karma" (as she calls it) from the previous lives I have lived so that my soul can be as strong and impactful as possible, without being bogged down by the issues experienced in past lives. I immediately felt lighter and more positive as she described who I am and the gifts I possess. All of the clearing work she did on me and my property makes me feel like my life is finally mine, that I am no longer blocked by forces that my soul got entangled in previous lives. I can use my gifts and the strength of my soul's true nature to realize my goal's and to improve the lives of others.”
Rachel Johnson
“I was fortunate enough to have a soul reading with Elaina and it was quite honestly one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had. Her skills are truly magical and in one session she was able to heal and clear some stubborn blocks and give me enlightening information about my soul destiny, by visiting the Akashic records to dig out the relevant information. If you are seeking guidance or deeper insights into your soul path then follow your inspiration to work with her on a deeper level. I am still experiencing the afterglow of all the cleansing that took place. I can honestly say I feel quite magnificent as a result of it.”
Kwali Kumara

Many Smart Spirited Women, like you, have found it difficult to fit into the traditional leadership model and career path. Being stressed, bored or disheartened about how you have to spend your work day isn’t a life choice that you have to put up with. The desire to create your own prosperity and joy is a force to be acknowledged at any age.

We’ve all read about the archetypal ‘Super Woman’ but I have discovered that behind the dazzle, deep inside that they often doubt their own abilities, lack confidence in their own decisions and feel unsure that they are good enough. Many women burn out when they reach their Career Crossroads of trying to figure it all out. 

The WorkPlace Drift

  • Feeling lost where to go next
  • Losing sleep over work 
  • Feeling anxious dealing with a difficult boss!
  • Worn out working in an inept team or toxic environment
  • Struggling to get up in the mornings for work
  • The shame or guilt dealing with a sudden shock:


The Manifesting Blueprint process has been designed to ensure that you understand your own Soul’s gifts and design, recognise the validity and power of your vision and develop the intuitive skills to communicate with integrity and clarity on the path to success.

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