Manifest Like A Goddess

Create life & wealth on your terms 

Recalibrate your energy to your support wealth creation 

Transform your life by learning how to use your Soul gifts

Are you ready to manifest like a Goddess?

 You feel called to create wealth with purpose but ruminating over what to do next…

 You are determined and ambitious but sick of being a workaholic… 

 Tired of feeling like an imposter when you start working on the business you yearn to create…

Whether you choose to create wealth through your career or business, the 21st century is your chance for a Soul Renaissance – a rebirth of your immortal gifts in the modern world. 

Doing this though requires you to trust your Soul and connect to your higher self. 

If you’ve been caught up in the overwhelm rather than the flow, your ability to manifest what you want has probably stalled. 

Join me and learn how to use your soul gifts to manifest like a Goddess.


Connect with your Soul purpose to make meaningful choices that suit you.


Receive guidance From your higher self so you can heal and grow into your wealth.


Gain clarity with what you can create for you in the world of wealth.

Client Reviews

"If you are seeking guidance or deeper insights into your Soul path then follow your inspiration. I am still experiencing the afterglow of all the cleansing that took place. I feel quite magnificent as a result of it."
Kwali Kumara
"My life is finally mine, I am no longer blocked by forces that my soul got entangled in previous lives. I can use my gifts and then strength of my soul's true nature to realise my goals and to improve the lives of others."
Rachel Johnson
"As as healer myself, and also a person who has been supported by many over the years, Elaina is by far one of the most talented and compassionate healers I have had had the honour to work with."
Beth Osmer

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