Discover Your Career Confidence 




“Rediscover your optimism for your career and find out if Career Confidence could work for you.


Do bad days at work seem to hit you harder than colleagues, leaving you doubting yourself?

Have you confused yourself into procrastination?  

Feel like you have hit a brick wall but can’t seem to break through your glass ceiling?


The reality is that taking the first step to a confident, empowered you is often the most difficult, so I have designed these forty minute sessions to be a perfect introduction to Confidence Coaching. Working via Skype, you can have a private discussion in surroundings where you feel comfortable.

Gain perspective on where your Career Karma is showing up

Pinpoint where you need to focus

Get a clear understanding of your career weak spots

Discover your options on your path forward

These intensive sessions bring an insight into the power of coaching without requiring a commitment to a longer process, although most women do go on to seek confidence coaching in depth.

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