Starting Again – The Perfect Career Move
Perfect Career Move

Starting Again – The Perfect Career Move

Starting again in your career
The Perfect Career Move

Recently, I have made some major life changes and wanted to share with you what I’ve learnt which will help you wherever you are in your career so you can make your career move in the direction you want it to..

Even though I love change and deal with it professionally on a daily basis, it’s been very difficult at times to keep going and take action that feels good. (Yes I used the word difficult and not challenge.) So much so that many times I felt like giving up and forgetting the whole thing. My choice was to find a way through the inevitable mess that comes with transition and any career move.

After a fair amount of soul searching, I’ve moved, which has involved a hefty amount of decision making and taking big action steps every day. I had underestimated what a shift it would be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually! I totally understand if you are overwhelmed at your career crossroads.

Our inner perfectionist dislikes that there is no perfect way to change and overcome our challenges. You can only airbrush to perfection on the screen – real life is different and it can be hard for our sense of selves to accept where we are right now and keep moving to where we want to be, more so for the highly conscious of us.

I found the quickest way to achieve what I wanted can be distilled into the following 7 steps that will also work well in any career move or business change:-

1. Focus on what you want to create.
I had and have a very clear sense of what I want to create. Even though it’s not in my current frame of reference I know why I am doing what I am doing. What do you want to create as a result of your career move?

2. Get support in a way that suits you.
I’m blessed with some amazing family members and a close knit group of friends who are there for me. This is supported by an excellent coach so I have not wandered into the stress zone to set up camp. Any career change or career move will move you into your stretch not stress zone – know the difference.

3. Be realistic about how much time you are going to need to take the action.
Like others trying to create a new home or a new career, a career move does take longer than you anticipate. There will be delays or set backs out of your control. In practical terms, I misjudged how long some of the decorating would take. Underestimating the length of time a career move or business endeavors requires will happen but it should not stop you continuing albeit with a new timeframe. Which leads nicely on to…

4. Keep following through.
Not everything has worked out in the way I visualised, but it hasn’t stopped me following through where I still can. For me it’s the finishing touches such as curtains and blinds. In your career move and business this might translate to going to get new head shots for your Linked In profile or designing a new business card.

5. Along the way give yourself nurture time – fun time without guilt.
It’s very empowering to nurture yourself but it won’t always feel comfortable. It also doesn’t mean that you do it irresponsibly either. (For me it’s meant joining a fantastic health club with sea views!) In your workday it might mean that you take an overdue break from your workstation.

6. Keep in touch with your unique sense of humour.
Never underestimate how your sense of humour can save you from feeling overwhelmed, annoyed or beating yourself up about the mistakes you will make on the way. Our souls have the best sense of humour and it’s such an easy way to alleviate the high demands our egos place on us.

7. Bless your mess as you go!
I like to have everything organised and in it’s place but the move proved to me that there will be plenty of occasions when that will be impossible. It will also take up too much time when you could be focusing on the real task at hand which is where you want to be. If you are feeling like your career move or business is messy then bless it and go back to the first point – Focus on what you want to create.

Apply and repeat process as often as required – the main thing is to keep going where you want to go!

Get in touch with me for a Discover Your Career Confidence session and begin your career move.

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