Manifest At Your Desk Meditation

Manifest at your desk or at home in your own private space with this guided meditation.

Use this as a time to switch off from the noise and tune into your inner confidence. Reconnect with your ambition as I take you through this energising process.

We are coming up to a full moon next Monday 7th August and I thought it would be fun to share with you a guided meditation. I’ve been using it myself with great results! (I actually manifested something that I’ve been wanting for ages as soon as I uploaded it 🙂 From an energetic stand point a full moon means that it’s a powerful time to send your ambitions and desires out into the universe.

There is a lot of power in this meditation. It was recorded live on the Super Moon a few months ago, a particularly special time when the moon was the closest to the Earth in a generation. (Don’t wait for the next Supermoon as it won’t get as near again until 2034.)

The significance of the moon on your energy

As you may be aware sea tides are due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth. The moon pulls water towards it and the more conscious you become the more sensitive your emotional and physical body is to this force.

The moon is neither male nor female but it does have a very powerful impact on the smart spirited female. We are naturally wired to cycles and your endocrine system doesn’t operate in a energetic vacuum. From an energetic perspective, just like any water molecule on the planet, the cells within your body act like a magnet as modules of water are pulled around just like the seas.

Your brain is over 70% water and this can feel like a big headache! So on a practical note please make sure you rehydrate appropriately. Rather than just drink water, you might find coconut water is better or even take a rehydration sachet. Look after those electrolytes!

Your heart is over 70% water so to stop the emotional roller coaster create an anchor. It’s easy to do so by mindfully setting your intentions on the run up and at the time of the full moon. Act with discipline and be clear about what you want you day to look like.

Taking a breath and setting your intention will help prevent those dramatic ups and downs we feel around the time of the full moon. (Your lungs by the way are over 80% water so breath mindfully if you feel in a full moon pickle!)

Learn how to effectively manifest with this energy.

This Supermoon Manifesting Meditation is an easy way for you to recharge and rebalance. It’s simple to listen to, takes no effort and will also help you:-

• Get into alignment with the Law of Attraction

Tune into your inner peace & confidence

Take charge of your manifesting process

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Stay Smart, Stay Spirited & Stay In Touch