Heart Centred Career

Heart Centred Career


Creating a heart centred career does not mean a pain free zone, even #smartgirl Arianna Huffington had to learn how to deal with failure.

When you follow your passion creating a heart centred career will mean dealing with challenges in a way that serves your longer term aims. Wishing that your new job always provides a consistent utopian environment for your skills is beautiful but can demotivate you in an instant when there is a hitch.

As magical as your heart centred career life might be, the real world present us all with steep learning curves that can appear at the most unlikely of times. You won’t be the first person to want a heart centred career then started a new job to feel then feel it’s not right for you. All your careful planning can go to sh*t thanks to any number of technical or communication hiccups.

Arianna Huffington a successful entrepreneur, journalist and all round #smartgirl sums this up well, ‘We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.’

Any successful #smartgirl who has built a heart centred career or business will admit that it’s not failing that’s the problem but how you deal with it. Here’s a #smartgirl quick 3 step for you to try

1. Take a break from the problem even if it’s just going for a walk, a swim or having a cup of tea. Get out of your office/workplace and put physical space between you and the ‘problem.’

2. Have a Sh*t Happens Party – well not exactly a party more a conversation/phone call with a friend, someone in your support network. Saying it out loud will help you process what’s happened and bring you nearer to your solution.

3. Sleep on it, things in morning won’t seem as bad. You might even dream up a solution overnight. What would be a success for you now you have dealt with ‘failing?’

Wherever you are in your heart centred career, know that I am here for you and it’s super easy to book a Career Confidence Discovery Session or a Spirited Soulopreneur Strategy Session and make progress with your career and business.

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