Creating confidence in yourself requires that you get support, nurture yourself and revitalise your senses.

Practice the art of receiving and start your process by allowing some of these confidence support gifts in your life. It’s easier to build your confidence and restore your spirit when you make it part of your daily routine to support your senses, nurture your femininity and revitalise your being.

If you’ve reached the stage where you want to receive more than a just the same old usual present or give someone more than the generic stuff that fills the shelves then yule love this.  It came about as I was writing up a list of ideal Christmas presents for a lovely client this week.

All of the following gifts have been created with a lot of love, thought and hard work. I believe that the good intentions that went into crafting them allow a great nurturing vibration into your space. They make wonderful thoughtful gifts for others too.

I am not an affiliate to any of the following and I just wanted to share some gift ideas that support and nurture your confidence journey.

Here is a downloadable version of smartspiritedgifts2016if you wanted to print it or want to forward on to someone!

Meantime Stay Smart, Stay Spirited and Stay in Touch


1.Olive Leaf Tea

From my experience Olive leaf tea is an effective anti viral tea that can be drank anytime of the year (makes an wonderful iced tea in summer.) It’s very calming and will support your confidence esp. useful for those times of the month when our anxieties play out too.



2. Yogandha Oils

Created over a number of years with divine inspiration, you can use this even without a Yoga practice. Sinead Duffy, co-creator and founder shared how she used her own Yoga practice to mediate and create these beautiful oils. The Relax oil is my favourite nurture routine and can also be used a Bath oil. Happy sleeps!

3. Voya Lazy Day Bath

Sometimes all you can do is have a hot bath! Voya’s Seaweed bath is one of the most restorative experiences. They hand cut seaweed off the coast of Ireland so it’s organic and sustainable. Amazing before, after or during the holidays


4. Supa Dupa Temple Spice

The best handmade incense ever! I first came across it at Chalice Well years ago and is Divinely feminine. The scent is exquisite from a blend of flowers, barks, herbs and spices. If you are looking to cleanse you space at home or work this is perfect. Plus the box also doubles as an incense burner so no excuses for not creating your sacred space.


5. Chamomile Citrus

Somehow Mighty Leaf have found a way around bitter Chamomile tea. This blend includes Chamomile leaves (which I think are from Egypt) with orange peel, rosehips and other gorgeous things. I first started drinking it years ago when I went through a prolonged period of not sleeping. This became part of my evening ritual and I would go as far to say it has magical revitalising properties. Sweet dreams!



6. Frankincense

If it was good enough for the three kings…As well as medicinal purposes you can use this to tune into your intuitive powers. The owner and founder of the Frankincense Store sources directly from the nomadic tribes that traditionally gather the oil. He is committed he is to bringing the benefits of Frankincense to a wider audience. Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Essential Oil is distilled from Omani Hojari Frankincense. The website is also a feast of knowledge

7. Skinny Organic Vegan Prosseco

What could be better that bubbles at Christmas but organic too! It’s virtually a health drink! Skinny Prosecco is here to stay for a lot longer than Christmas I suspect. (They do Champagne too…Oh dear !) A perfect revitalising end or beginning depending on how you see it. Celebrate you!!/Thomson-%26-Scott-Skinny-Prosecco-75cl/p/68093380/category%3D0