Monday Motivation – Ask A Dog’s Advice!

Seriously – asking a dog for motivational tips and advice….on a Monday morning?


Monday mornings can be the most challenging especially for the Spiritually conscious! The very thought of what’s on your to do list and the things/people you have to deal with in the week can make your feel overwhelmed before you have even started.

Go for a quick walk – it doesn’t have to be a 5 mile hike! Even just stretching your legs around the block can make a difference for your day as you gather your thoughts together and move your body.

Ask any dog the benefits of going for a walk ! (Actually you can just mention the word ‘walk’ to a dog and see their reaction 🙂

Just going outside, breathing in and moving your body in whatever way you can will make all the difference to how you can begin your week more effectively.

Create some ‘me’ time

It’s a simple way to create some ‘me’ time by getting off the bus a stop earlier and taking a slightly longer walk into work.

Working from home

If you are running a business or have a working at home day then this is the perfect and FREE way to reset yourself; if you have a business problem that your wrestling with then ponder upon it as you walk. When you move your body it changes your perspective on a situation.

Grounding yourself

Walking mindfully will require you to ground yourself. Particularly useful if you have been engaged in any intense or otherwise spiritual activity!

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Stay Smart, Stay Spirited and Stay In Touch