Birthdays Reflect Progress

Birthdays Reflect Progress

Birthdays are times to celebrate, take stock and open presents. And so in the run up to Asonas’s corporate birthday and mine, I’ve been reflecting on progress what I know now that I didn’t this time last year.


Ever the Knowledge Manager I’d like to share this just in case it might help #smartgirls with their Career Confidence and #SpiritedSoulopreneurs with their businesses.

Celebrate more…

For me I always put this on the bottom of the ‘to do’ list! Once a goal has been reached or an ambition realized, I move on to the next challenge rarely taking the time to celebrate what I’ve achieved. Recently, I’ve focused on the ‘Art of Celebration’ just for the sake of it. Sometimes this has just been enjoying a cloud free day in London or much more importantly witnessing a client successfully meet their goal. Birthdays reflect progress but you don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to make your time feel special.

Self Acceptance…

Well, there could be a whole book on this one! I’ve accepted that having lots of ideas doesn’t mean I have to act on every single one, so my mantra has been ‘You can do anything but not everything.’ My inner voice was often so critical and judgemental. I’ve turned this around by being aware of when it kicks in and this self -awareness has led to me accepting where I am. It is what it is.

Being in charge doesn’t mean you are in control…

Truthfully this has been one of the toughest as I often just want to get to the result as soon as possible! Of course having a goal to reach is great and now the real result for me is the learning I do on the way there. I still set my intention and then go with the flow. Much more fun and I’m still in charge! Birthdays reflect progress.

Not everything has to be done alone…

I know that I have the best friends and sister a girl could ever hope for and am so grateful for their support. I think of them as earth angels, listening and cheering me on whenever I’ve hit a difficult patch. Who are the cheerleaders in your life?

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Happy days to you!



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