A New Job – When is the best time to Job Hunt?

Ever get that sinking feeling at work
Want a new job? How being a Career Crab Can Make You Feel Stuck
Time for a new job but scared to go job hunting?

When is the best time to look for a new job? Job hunting for many Smart Spirited Women means it gets a perpetual place on the To Do list. As a coach, I hear some long stories about how the new job only got as far as the wish list. It’s a nice idea but the thought of job hunting makes many women’s Career Confidence feel depleted before they begin.

Why do you stop looking for a new job?

From my work, I believe many women put the next career move for a new job on hold because they don’t want just another job. This makes complete sense. What a waste of time going through the interview process, changing your daily routine, finding a new way to work for more of the same. (Yikes it could even be worse than where you are!)

There is a certain logic to it and you can convince yourself to stop job hunting, let your current role fill your day and pretend that you didn’t really want a new job anyway. But now you are stuck, in a career rut you don’t want to even admit to and wondering why you soul feels sad. What was your comfort zone becomes your self imposed career trap making you believe you don’t have the career confidence to get a better job, salary, position or terms.

Are you a Career Crab?

Morphing into a Career Crab happens over time and soon you believe that the only options available to you are to make a sideways move rather than move up the career ladder. For some women, even a sideways career move seems  unrealistic so they try to move down the career ladder. It takes a lot of effort to deny that your qualifications, experience and contacts are worthless.

Losing your confidence about your work and profession often shows up in other areas of life such as not getting a good nights sleep, being overweight or drinking too much wine. It can spread to your family life, significant other and even friendships making you feel isolated.

The answer to ‘When is a good time to look for a new job?’ is right now and it doesn’t have to be what you might consider a sideways move either.

Take this opportunity to

Define your needs and job criteria

Figure out your figures such as salary and hours 

Reflect on who can support you


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