What Is Your Soul Purpose?

What Is Your Soul Purpose?

What Is Your Soul Purpose?

Sometimes our Soul purpose only begins to reveal itself in times of overwork and stress. If you have been ignoring the signs of stress at work then there will come a day where you will ask yourself:

‘Am I really here for this?’

‘What Am I Here For?

‘What Is My Soul Purpose?’ 

The quick answer is that our souls have chosen to have this very grounded experience here on planet earth and to experience what life has to offer.  Fantastic when all is well and you are having a wonderful time but what happens if you’ve had enough of doing what you do? Where do you go? Who do you turn to?

The women I coach have a keen sense of their intuition and have done their fair share of personal development. This includes everything from studying for professional accreditation to trying better manage their stress levels by various means. Like you, their aim to make that positive difference in the world around them.

Many women I know and I was one of them, have become more conscious unconsciously! We have all taken different paths to discovering our soul purpose. Without realising what you have done you have began a journey to your soul-self without a map, guide or conscious intention.

This is my story so that is why I use Yoga as an example. I began doing Yoga nearly 30 years ago when it was thought to be ‘quite alternative!’ Nowadays, as it’s grown in popularity we are aware that Yoga is a whole way of life and not just an exercise class.

My motivation for Yoga was to exercise with relaxation and I was my first Yoga teacher was a highly intuitive being. In hindsight, I know that Yoga was my big turning point that it’s only now appreciate.

Years ago, escaping from a highly pressured job and away on a Yoga retreat over a weekend I experienced something referred to as samadhi – essentially a higher state of consciousness. Some refer to it as enlightenment.

I had no idea what had happened as no-one had ever told me about this state of being experience. My intentions weren’t focused on my soul purpose – I went to relax for the weekend!

That’s my soul journey and I am sure that there are other women who have embarked on a spiritual journey without consciously intending that is what it would be. Many women have become more conscious in an unconscious manner i.e. their starting point was not to discover their soul rather it was to solve a problem they were experiencing at work, home be it health, wealth or relationships.

As we evolve spiritually, what you used to do to make yourself feel good no longer works. So the mental, emotional or physical issue that presents itself cannot always be rectified with a mental, emotional or physical solution.

The great thing about having a problem is that it demands your attention.

An analogy you may find used is the practice of continuous improvement whereby there is an ongoing effort to improve things. Studies in the car manufacturing sector discovered that the teams they were studying improved in terms of performance, with increased outputs and fewer failures. The surprise was that the improvement took place without any ‘solution’ had been found or put in place. The realised that it was just that the attention had been given to the team – it was this attention that made the positive differencefact that the team were receiving attention that made the positive difference in the first instance.

Your soul journey may not be easy at the moment but you can make it easier right now by just noticing and bringing your attention to your breath. Watch the video a couple of times if it helps as I take you on a brief insight into yourself.

Simply lower your gaze to the floor and notice where your breath is.

  • Where does your breath travel in your body?
  • Are you holding your breath without realising

Essentially you can improve your situation just by noticing what isn’t working. Don’t get stuck there though; this is only a starting point.

A good first step in building your confidence or self esteem is to notice what isn’t working and use this as a catalyst for progress. You may already know what that is and how you want to deal with your situation and live into your Soul purpose rather than hide from it.

If you are not sure what to do next or feel so confused about your options then I would recommend you consider the Clarity In Career Confidence course

I created Clarity In Career Confidence as a support for women who feel confused and overwhelmed at what to do next in their career. It’s also easier to do that when you feel confident about your next step. The way I have created the course allows you to start where you are and take step by step action to where it you want to go.

My intention is that it’s a  course that will fuel your empowerment, confidence and success; setting you up to enjoy your career and wider lifestyle.

It’s a lot easier to make the positive difference in the world that you want to when you feel positive about who you are and what you want.

Stay Smart, Stay Spirited and Stay In Touch


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