The Wisdom Of Hindsight

Wisdom of Hindsight

The wisdom of hindsight is most powerful when you reflect on your experiences

If you had known at the beginning of 2014 what you know now; what would you have done differently? How could this knowledge have made your life easier, more fun, successful and fulfilling?

Truthfully, 2014 for me has been one of the steepest learning curves – more like a vertical line than a curve most of the time! And I know that I’m not alone, most of us creative smart women have felt the same dealing with an endless stream of challenges and distractions.

Wisdom of Hindsight Coaching Process

Rather than dwell on what might have been, I created a coaching process to use my 2014 experiences to my advantage and you can easily do the same using the Asonas Wisdom of Hindsight Method. I am so grateful for all I have been through as it’s enriched my life on levels I could not have intended or imagined.

Going to our past is a powerful way of how we can begin to create our future. The wisdom of hindsight coaching process is not about lulling in the past or ruminate over what we could have done but to choose which of our experiences will help us progress in the next twelve months. Think of this as a part in your very own version of A Christmas Carol.

How and when can you do this?

Click this link to register and you will be sent a 2014 worksheet.

  • Step One
    At home; get somewhere quiet with a hot drink and set a timer for 5 mins or
  • Step Two
    Go for a walk; find somewhere comfortable to sit to mull over your answers or
  • Step Three
    When traveling on your train, plane or bus use your time to reflect.
  • Step Four
    Create an action to move you forward

You can repeat the Asonas Wisdom of Hindsight process, as many times you like to over the next few days. (I am hoping that you will find it a rest bite from any Christmas Chaos & over eating you might also be dealing with.)

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