2016 Review: The Spirit Of Your Wisdom


Could it already be time for that 2016 Year Review? I can hardly believe that the year is nearly over but they say the older you get your perception of time gets faster.

Perception is a funny thing; we spend so much of our time judging ourselves in often very harsh ways that we miss out on using our perception to improve our professional and personal life.


Use your 2016 year review to benefit not just your confidence at work but your whole self including your Spirit. Join me later this week online Wednesday at 8.00pm (GMT) for a 2016 Year Review Mediation and Coaching session. Register at the bottom of this page now.

First, you will be gently guided through a relaxing meditation helping you switch off from the day and revitalise your inner peace. Give yourself the gift of valuing you own time because if you don’t then no-one else will.

There is a special Wisdom coaching process that you will be coached through in this 2016 year review. You will gain new perspective both professionally and personally.

This is a reflective non-judgmental process and will benefit not only your confidence levels but also your overall sense of well-being and empowerment. It’s a lot easier to see where you might need to make a course correction when you do so from a contemplative point of view.

Benefits of 2016 year review

Remember, this is not time to criticise yourself nor become too sentimental over what could have been. It’s a perfect time to get a new perspective on what you have achieved over the last year and maybe see how you can progress next

  • Focus on elements of your career that are important to you
  • Make space to listen to your spirit
  • Create a useful benchmark for setting new years resolutions
  • Cut down on the inevitable seasonal stress

Book your place now to start your own wisdom bank that you can draw on in 2017 will only happen when you reflect on what you could have done differently in 2016. Some exploration now will save you time and pain going going forward.

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