New Year Career Resolutions

Did you have New Year resolutions for 2014 and did they include a New Year Career?



New Year Career 2015


Lots and lots of resolutions?

Like me me, did you have lots of Resolutions you made for 2014? Remember how you felt when you made them? Perhaps it was just after the holidays and this time away from your normal routine made you reflect on where you are in life.

Writing them down won’t make them happen

Did you write your resolutions down even? This helps and again I can imagine that you fully intended to get them done. If so well done you! As research in recent years has shown that only 12% of people ever achieve their New Year Resolutions.[i]

That leaves a massive 88% of resolute people back to square one and perhaps this is a pattern you have experienced year after year. Why do we still make them? Well, I believe we all truly want to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Perhaps your Resolutions might have looked something like this:-

Resolutions sound like

With this is mind I have devised a coaching programme called Resolution Solutions for women who want to get clarity and focus on their aspirations. Resolution Solutions will create a space in your life where you can understand what truly motivates you to move forward. This will mean you can create options for your New Year Career solution.

The programme will run over three months and each session we will create an action plan you want to take forward. You will take personal responsibility for your Resolution actions throughout the course making you feel very empowered.

There will be six sessions in total and between sessions there will also be bespoke self-development exercises for you to engage with. All this will provide you with one to one support on what you choose to achieve in your New Year Career.

Before 30th January you can book a complimentary 15 min coaching session now by emailing

There is always time to empower your resolution and grow into your solution. Make your time now and book your sessions.

[i] Eisenstadt, Lisa. “Six Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution.” Dec. 30, 2011. (Dec. 7, 2012) Forbes.

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