Letting Go To Grow And Flow Workshop

Time to let go of those negative feelings and thoughts that have been holding back from a peaceful and abundant life. All too often, women feel like they have been living in an energetic cage of fear, anger or remorse. This soul deadening experience often shows up as a lack of sleep, anxiety and/or stress.
The Spring Equinox is the perfect time for you to make time for yourself and your needs. Come to this experiential workshop and discover how your can heal guilt, shame with self-forgiveness. Learn how to deal with the burdens of obligation and blame so it empowers you rather than defeats you.
This experiential workshop will be taking you through a series of steps to clear the guilt, obligation, blame, shame that weighs us down. We will be working with the angelic realm as well as other tried and tested healing techniques.
The intention is you leave feeling lighter and brighter about your way forward as you let go. Feel more empowered about your choices as Spring takes us towards the summer and let go of those old patterns that have been holding you back.

  • Peaceful meditation
  • Techniques to shift that pain to freedom
  • Connect to how you fill your time going forward
  • Release those old patterns that no longer serve your aspirations and goals.

Limited places available – book now

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