How to be a Happy Freelancer!

Career Confidence
Career Confidence for Happy Freelancers

How to have the Career Confidence to be a Happy Freelancer on Happy Freelancers Day and beyond.

The Freelancing way of life is a growing trend that’s reflected in many official stats and surveys. Understandably, the potential to be free and happy whilst creating a comfortable income is very appealing in this relatively ‘new’ way of working. How then can you meet the demands of your clients, and have the Career Confidence to remain happy?

Freelancing brings great freedom but for many this comes with uncertainty which can block your confidence in charging the fees that you are truly worth. Here are 5 ideas to support your Happy Freelancing that I have gleaned from working with my Freelancing clients

1. Treat your Freelancing as a business

Even though it might feel like it, you’re no longer an employee anymore. Sure you’ll still keep regular hours and be aware of what’s going on within the organisation but you are 100% responsible for your business. As a business, it’s vital you recognise you’re the asset. Value your skill set, trust your knowhow and be confident in the value you deliver.

2. Invest in your business

Building Career Confidence takes time and will mean investing in your personal training and development, most Freelancers are already experts in their field so further professional academic accreditation might not be needed but do not underestimate the other skills required to create further business opportunities. Communication skills can always be improved for us all and using your creativity also has an empowering ripple effect on other life areas.

3. Create a 90-day plan

This works really well for even if you are in a long-term contract. Your Career Confidence business plan will create more certainly as it draws your attention to key networking events, tracking your training and at the very least ensuring you book time off in advance. This is ‘Your’ plan and needs to fit your style. My planning template is 4 pages long and covers everything I need. (let me know if your interested and I might even share it with you.)

4. Read your contract/letter of intent

For you current and future projects – the biggest mistake I see clients make is not engaging in this process. Legal agreements might not be your favourite pastime but ignoring them won’t pay either. They can actually give you more freedom and Career Confidence as you realise that you don’t have to take on everything that comes your way in a project.

5. Stop Networking and Start Connecting

This might mean you talk to few people at an event but you will find you make more meaningful and frankly more interesting contacts. A genuine positive emotional connection is more valuable than an intellectual one. Long term Career Confidence means you’ll find it easier to be you than anyone else.

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