Career Confidence
Is More Than Just Getting Another Job

Many Smart Spirited Women, like you, have found it difficult to fit into the traditional leadership model and career path. Being stressed, bored or disheartened about how you have to spend your work day isn’t a life choice that you have to put up with. The desire to create your own prosperity and joy is a force to be acknowledged at any age.

We’ve all read about the archetypal ‘Super Woman’ but I have discovered that behind the dazzle, deep inside that they often doubt their own abilities, lack confidence in their own decisions and feel unsure that they are good enough. Many women burn out when they reach their Career Crossroads of trying to figure it all out. 

  • Hitting that glass ceiling and feeling lost where to go next 
  • Losing sleep over work and don’t know what to do about it
  • Feeling anxious dealing with a difficult boss!
  • Worn out working in an inept team or toxic environment 🙁
  • Struggling to get up in the mornings for work 
  • The shame or guilt dealing with a sudden shock: redundancy, a contract coming to an end, an organization restructure…

Regardless of whether your ambitions have been met or fallen to the wayside, knowing that something really big is missing from your life can be hard to articulate. Up until now, the search for you may have felt fruitless; not going anywhere fast with one step back and one forward. 

Career coaching may not have occurred to you, either because you have a good career and can’t see how coaching would help or because you feel confused about what you truly want.

I know, first hand what it’s like to be in that swirling goop of overwhelm, people pleasing and trying to make the best decision in the moment never mind an empowered choice for your future.

At first, it may seem easier to stay in your ‘swirling goop’ because putting yourself first seems too big a step; unfeasible. This is a real trap many women get stuck in but sacrificing your own ambitions and needs isn’t how it’s meant to be. is a resource you can call upon to support you through your Career Crossroads and be richly rewarded for making that positive difference in the world with your work.

The Career Confidence coaching process has been designed to ensure that you understand your own Soul’s gifts and design, recognise the validity and power of your vision and develop the intuitive skills to communicate with integrity and clarity on the path to success.

Perspective on where your Career Karma is showing up

Understand your Career weak spots

Pinpoint where you need to focus to progress

Stay smart & spirited and stay in touch 

Elaina x

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