Hello Beautiful Soul!

My mission is to provide you with tools and teachings so you can heal and master your intuition.

It wasn’t exactly a great day when I realised that being a workaholic wasn’t ever going to be enough.

You would think after two complete burnouts, that seriously compromised my mental, emotional and physical health I’d have noticed sooner!

Maybe that would have been the case but, I’d been trapped in cycles of narcissistic relationships my entire life – right from birth. 

Being a workaholic gave me a sense of control and self-worth; sure I was busy but it just wasn’t a soul calling…

For many years, I was secretly devoted to intuitive practices that on the surface did not fit into the world around me. 

It was my spiritual development that created the personal shifts that supported my manifesting and created shifts I needed.

Learning how to master my intuition with the Akashic, love my femininity and value my soul gifts transformed my life.

My Approach Works For

Soulopreneurs in Business

Healers, Intuitive Coaches and Yoga teachers with ambitions of creating services and products that support others in their manifesting and healing journey. Let me help you find clarity, grow your psychic abilities so you can take your healing skills to the next level.

Women In Leadership

From the private, charity or public sector you know you are more than just your role, KPIs or salary. Gifted with a high level of intuition can be overwhelming even anxiety inducing. Let me show you how you can create wealth through your work that’s Soul Worthy not Soul Sucking.

Who I help and how...

Smart Spirited Women like you who intuitively know you are ready to progress with your healing and psychic development.

We can work on your Karmic blindspots that have kept you stuck at a crossroads so you can progress not procrastinate.

You will learn how you can shift your energy to match your ambitions so you can manifest without beating yourself up.

Let’s clear off the old Karmic gunk that you wade through every day so you feel secure about your next steps.

Releasing the people pleasing patterns that hold you back from your leadership in the world so you can make a positive impact.

You’ve already invested time and money in yourself learning healing or coaching methods to support others – now it’s time for you.