About Elaina

Hey there

My career began in Recruitment & right from the start I loved finding women well-paid work!

As the first UK accredited Microsoft training company (Yep that’s a while ago in the 80’s ;-)) I loved just how easy it was to up-skill women so they could command top rates from blue chip companies. (Naively, I assumed that this would always be the case for women in the workplace.)

Shoulder pads, Champagne and Chardonnay seen me through the boom economy – heck ‘Black Friday’ even bounced straight off me such was my work ethic.

Wanting a change of pace from work so I opted for a Business Studies degree and even though I didn’t have the grades I managed to get a place. (Looking back now, I suspect they were happy to receive my grant funding over my intellect.)

I was always trying to do the ‘sensible’ thing and thought Business Studies was at least a skill set I could apply in the real world. 

You know be a good girl looking at dull macro-economics graphs rather than spend my time with what really engaged me like the classics or history or writing.

I leveraged the marketing aspects of the degree to go work across different industry sectors and…well it wasn’t a traditional career path.

To give you an idea I’ve worked in

  • Interactive Video Games – new at the time and wondered who would have the time to play games online !
  • TV Production Production Manager/Assistant– many funny stories including a hotel being evacuated in the middle of a night shoot
  • Investment Marketing – eek the corporate world – the structure I thought would work for me
  • Private Banking – did you know one thing that keeps the uber wealthy up is that they don’t know who to trust
  • Make-Up Artist Film & TV – Even worked on a Vogue shoot and literally went from Bad Girls to the History Boys to The Queen – many funny stories of what goes on behind the scenes
  • Construction and PM – not a sector you’d expect but I loved my Knowledge role there

What I left out

So what you don’t know is that in all the above I was also in what seemed like a battle with my Soul and my intuition. 

My strategy was to become a workaholic – an addict to the task – a people pleasing phenomena (though some may not agree with the latter as I’m not good at blowing smoke up anyone’s arse if you know what I mean) 

I burnt out spectacularly.

The goto solution at the time for women like me was anti-depressants. If it wasn’t for my sister lending me her laptop and an American lady I connected to on a forum these little pills would have killed me. (I totally own this experience and let me know if you want to know more.)

Somehow in the deep shit-pit of ‘what the fuck is going on here?’ I survived.

I wouldn’t describe what happened to me as a struggle – you know a bit of a tussle with being overtired and then I took a week off, got some sleep, did a yoga class and hey presto was back to normal.

What happened was a full on battle and there were days I somehow remembered to breath my way through.

There was no escaping my intuition and it took me the a decade to realise that my intuition was my escape.

The Akashic Records and me

Karmically, I was always over committing to other people rather than myself. It served me to an extent because I genuinely wanted to deliver a good result for everyone I was very ingenious as making stuff work.

About 20 years ago, I was in a situation where I took responsibility for a lack of infrastructure where I worked. My intuition really stepped up to the challenge and without consciously realising I was accessing the Akashic Records. And getting results that kept everyone happy.

The Akashic Records are a 5th dimensional knowledge bank, our Soul records if you like. All our thoughts, feeling, actions, relationships and experiences are recorded there. (A more detailed explanation will be available.)

I’ve been blessed to work with many great teachers and implemented what I could at the time.

Where I am now

After years of coaching, NLPing and Change Management, the biggest transformations I experienced were through my Akashic Records experiences and readings.
 I am now the teacher and creator of Akashic Wealth Streaming. 
The Akashic Records are opening back up to lightworkers like you and I’m here to guide you on your journey of ascension.



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