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My career began in Recruitment nearly 30 years ago & right from the start I loved finding women well-paid work. The first UK accredited Microsoft training company; we trained women in new cutting edge technology. Once qualified, these Smart women commanded the top rates from blue chip companies. (Naively, I assumed that this would always be the case for women in the workplace.)

Champagne & Shoulder Pads
Champagne & Shoulder Pads!

After a few years of riding the high of a booming economy, drinking lots of Chardonnay and Champagne, surviving ‘Black Friday’ and wearing shoulder pads every day, I decided I needed a break from the world of work and opted for a Business Studies degree.

Upon Graduating, I followed my Soul Goal of working across different business sectors in a diversity of roles. This took me from the compliant Investment Marketing sector to the creative world of Film Production. In the most unlikely of circumstances, I manifested jobs with ease, always challenging myself to follow my intuition.

My previous job roles


My professional commitment was so strong that I created a pattern of over working; so much so that in one job I did the work of 3 people. I didn’t heed the warning the signs of burn out – my inner spark was exhausted. Unable to continue I had to try something different and reluctantly took time out to heal my mind, body and quashed spirit.

Recovering from burn out, it became apparent that engaging just the intellect would not fix me. Feeling torn between my Intellect & my Intuition took me on a path of uncertainty and unrest. Finding the discipline to engage my Intuition with my Intellect took years.

Find your Inner Spark

On the way I came to realize that we are more than our jobs, our minds, our feelings and our bodies. We are also rich Souls with an abundance of energy just waiting to be called upon. It’s about feeling whole, using your head whilst listening to your intuition.


Now I love working with Smart Spirited women who want more than just a job, women who want to be valued for their contribution in terms of money and recognition. Women who want to break through that Glass Ceiling and accelerate their careers – I can help you do what took me years. I use a blend of really practical step by steps from Personality profiling to Soul readings for clearing karma. As a qualified Personal Performance Coach every session benefits from Each session uses a Personal Performance Coaching structure so you understand the tools that will make a significant difference to your own life going forward.




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